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KitchenAid appliances are well known and one of the favorites among the American consumers. KitchenAid is a brand that started delivering quality appliances in 1919 with a famous stand mixer. Nowadays they provide top quality appliances on different lines such as stand mixers, refrigerators, dishwashers and so on. In this site you will find many information and exceptional offers on KitchenAid appliances, helping you find the right one to take into your kitchen for the rest of your life.

As have been said, the brand has almost a century in the business, bringing wonderful experiences to the kitchen and helping you prepare the most delicious meals. Starting in 1919 launching to the market the famous stand mixer, KitchenAid has built a complete variety of quality products with advanced technology and precious style. The public has taken home these appliances for generations making them part of the family.

When the company launched, they first introduced the H-5 stand mixer that was cataloged as “the best kitchen aid” and that’s how the brand was born. The first model had many accessories available that helped from slicing to straining. Over the years, KitchenAid have been launching and producing more lines of kitchen appliances. In 1946 they launched a new dishwasher that had a huge innovation distributing water through a pressurized system unlike the rest of residential dishwashers that only splashed water on dishes.

In the fifties KitchenAid starts helping with the cooking by entering its kitchens line and it’s not until 1986 when they start offering large appliances by launching a refrigerator as a new addition to their product line. The blenders were the following addition and in the actuality, the Architect Series II is the newest line, featuring innovative products such as induction cooktops and a wall oven with dual fan convection.

You can find an ample product line for your kitchen on the KitchenAid brand. Their products cover all aspects of home cooking, food preparation, tools for cooking, and many more used at home to aid you in food preparation. All the products come with a one year full warranty that says KitchenAid will replace your electric appliance free of charge if it fails during the first year.

You can find KitchenAid appliances on local stores or at online stores like If you are going to buy a large appliance it’s highly recommended you do it at a local store because there you can arrange delivery and maintenance more easily. But if you want to buy a small appliance like a stand mixer, you can find the best prices online. Take a look here for our stand mixer reviews with the best deals or click bellow to browse the best deals on KitchenAid at

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Add a new mix to your cooking routine. The sleek and sturdy Artisan stand mixer gets the job done with 325W of power and 10 speeds. A tilt-back head lets you easily add ingredients or change the provided attachments, while its plastic pouring shield helps keep things clean. The mixer’s unique planetary action blends thoroughly without frequent scraping or rotating.


KitchenAid’s most powerful stand mixer features 575 watts of power, 6-qt. Bowl, PowerKnead dough hook, wire whip and professional-style bowl-lift. The mixer’s attachment hub also allows for a pasta roller, slicer-shredder and more, making it an all-purpose kitchen appliance. Interview at the 2009 International Housewares Show by Georgia Downard.
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